The Application of Mathematics in the Engineering Disciplines

The Application of Mathematics in the Engineering Disciplines
Publisher: Momentum Press
Date: 2018-06-14
ISBN-10: 1606509071
ISBN-13: 9781606509074
Language: English
Pages: 150
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The foundation of engineering at any level can be described in terms of mathematics. In most instances, students take a standard calculus series and a foundational course in differential equations as their initial course work. Progression into more advanced courses heavily relies on the student’s ability to apply the theory from their mathematics courses to engineering problems (e.g. Signals and Systems, Dynamic Systems). In light of this constant challenge in engineering education, this two-volume work on mathematics used for engineering will introduce mathematics as the "language of engineering," the framework in which engineering problems are understood and solved. This second volume on mathematical applications by engineering discipline will provide more in-depth examples complementing those presented in the first book Introductory Engineering Mathematical Concepts. It will cover the mathematics typically found to be most relevant to the four main disciplines of engineering: chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Each chapter will cover the key concepts of each discipline and the associated common problems at an approachable level without dismissing rigor. A sense of continuity from the first book of this two-volume set will be preserved by incorporating methods explored in the first book, Introductory Engineering Mathematical Concepts. Show more Show less 100ed9c0923696b63195f758d3863ebb  collapseInfo-1-0] fdb6d2736110bee6d7ed4f33b40f1f0a  Size: (3.76 MB)             

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