The Art Of Frugal: Feeding A Family …

The Art Of Frugal: Feeding A Family On A Budget

**Newly Revised*** The average family spends the majority of the monthly budget on meals. Kaylee Cole provides an extensive review of frugal eating in the Art of Frugal: Feeding a Family on a Budget. Kaylee takes us through frugal tips which cover shopping at grocery stores, coupon use, gardening and much more to uncover and reveal methods to save money while feeding a family with quality food. Kaylee’s approach is grounded in common sense and makes the challenging subject of frugal eating easy for the reader to digest. This book is geared towards the every day family interested in saving money while eating well. In this book you will: 1. Learn how to find and purchase affordable quality food 2. Try easy to use recipes that make food last several meals 3. Fix the on-the-go meal dilemma 4. Help you find lunchbox food for the kids 5. Get tips and tricks for saving money on food in places that you have never considered. The book has been recently revised and updated to reflect new trends.