The Art Of Peruvian Cuisine Vol. 1: …

The Art Of Peruvian Cuisine Vol. 1: By Tony Custer

One could spend a week in Lima enjoying extraordinary meals and visiting the many museums of the city without ever actually visiting Cuzco and Machu Pichu. Read and be amazed by ‘The Art of Peruvian Cuisine’, a bestseller with over 100,000 copies sold and you will discover Peru as an impressive blend of culinary cultures that has conquered the palates in London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Beijing Aprendamos Juntos" – 100% of the funds raised by The Art of Peruvian Cuisine finances Aprendamos Juntos ("Learning Together), a program of the Custer Foundation. This project began in 2003 with 1 school. Today, it maintains 12 classrooms benefiting 1,600 children, 50 teachers and 800 parents of the most vulnerable districts of Lima and its surroundings. To date they have promoted over 7,000 children, improving self-esteem and their ability to learn. They have also trained more than 4,000 parents through special workshops. Today they have more than 100 professors dedicated to this task.