The Art of Self-Control: Reclaim Your Attention and Mental Concentration [Audiobook]

The Art of Self-Control: Reclaim Your Attention and Mental Concentration [Audiobook]

English | ASIN: B08DTDCG4F | 2020 | [email protected] kbps | ~03:12:00 | 90 MB

John Ward, William Harvey Jr. (Narrator), "The Art of Self-Control: Reclaim Your Attention and Mental Concentration"

D I S T R A C T I O N.

It’s everywhere.

We’re plugged-in, powered on, scrolling, and swiping.

A ping here, a buzz there. A pop-up here, a drop-down there.

Everything and everyone are vying for our attention, and we give in to each and every one of them. Yet we falter when it’s time to give attention to ourselves.

Our goals need our attention, too. Our plans, our schedules, our promised commitments.

Distraction leads to procrastination, procrastination leads to low-productivity; low-productivity leads to failure, and failure leads to depression. It is an abysmal cycle that we need to break, and the place to start is with self-discipline.

Self-discipline leads to self-control; self-control leads to efficacy; efficacy leads to hitting small goals, and hitting small goals leads to substantial success.

It is time to break free from excuses, distractions, and destructive impulses.

The Art of Self-Control is the ultimate road map to helping you reclaim your attention and mental concentration. A taste of some of the subjects touched on in this book are:

Managing what you spend your time on.
Multi-tasking: Should you do it?
Prioritizing: What’s important right now?
Creating an effective workspace.
Identifying your peak productivity period.
Staying motivated.
The importance of self-care.

In a fast-changing world of bells and whistles and endless notifications, it has become increasingly challenging to maintain focus and adhere to our goals, but with sheer willpower, we can overcome all the noise. With concise, practical, and objective guidance, The Art of Self-Control will liberate you from the bondages of distraction, mental debilitation, and rash compulsions.

Listening to this book through to the end is the first step to maintaining concentration and resisting all distractions.

Don’t think about it. Don’t put if off. Let’s regain self-control together, now.
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