The Art of Value Investing by John Heins, Whitney Tilson (.M4B)

The Art of Value Investing: Essential Strategies for Market-Beating Returns by John Heins, Whitney Tilson
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Overview: You know what value investing is: it’s how Warren Buffett made his billions. Perhaps you’re even familiar with value investing terminology, such as margin of safety and intrinsic value. And maybe you’ve already found success with value investing and know from experience that it’s the most reliable way to achieve market-beating returns and accumulate significant wealth. Congratulations!
Whether you’re a complete beginner in need of an A-to-Z value investing primer, an experienced investor looking to expand and fine-tune your repertoire of value investing skills, or an individual or institutional investor looking to identify the best money managers, this audiobook is for you. Authors John Heins and Whitney Tilson have brought together the collective wisdom of today’s most successful value investors and distilled it into a series of actionable lessons you can put into practice right away.
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