The Ashes of Aubrey Milner by Ellison Blackburn

The Ashes of Aubrey Milner by Ellison Blackburn
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 450 KB

Doctor Who meets Sherlock Holmes if both the time-traveler and the sleuth was a woman
The St. Clairs of the Clarion Division-an elite agency of investigators of technology misuse-have recently arrived back in time. Chicago, Illinois, October 8, 1871, to be precise, the very night of the Great Fire.

Meet River, the district’s medical examiner and coroner disguised as a man and her brothers: Archer, the severe police inspector, and Quinn, the Division’s former bio-intelligence engineer turned inventor. Although all three are specially equipped to handle criminals of the twenty-second century, their enhancements are far less useful for fighting crime in the Victorian Windy City. However, regardless of the dimension, they still have a job to do.

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