The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course

The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course
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AAC | 107 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | Duration: N/A | 7.35 GB
Genre: Video Tutorial / Sound Processing, Music Production, Sound Engineering

The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course is our most popular course and we strongly recommended it, unless you are already very experienced in audio. It covers the full range of recording activities from microphone selection and positioning, all the way through equalization, compression, reverb & effects, mixing and mastering. The course concludes with detailed advice on how to work as a freelancer in the music and audio industry and how, if you wish, to set about getting a job.

Students will, at the end of their course, produce a CD or DVD Showreel of their best work that they can use as their ‘calling card’ to the professional industry.

Course content:

12 modules
600+ page course manual (online equivalent)
1000+ audio example files
Check questions and model answers
12 practical assignment projects
12 practical assignments notes, with audio example
12 audio+video multimedia sets
Assessment of practical assignment projects by Audio Masterclass
Audio Masterclass certification on successful completion of the course


Delivered entirely online through the Audio Masterclass Course Center
All content is available immediately on enrollment. You can start when you are ready.
Minimum course duration with weekly assessment schedule: 12 weeks
Maximum validity of enrollment: 2 years


Analog & digital audio
Microphone preamplifiers
Recording software
Effects & plug-ins
Synthesis & sampling
Marketing your music and recording services


A basic home recording studio setup with digital audio workstation software, audio interface and at least one microphone
The ability to make recordings, edit and mix to a basic level
Internet access


Practical assignment work is submitted online
Assessments, commentary and advice returned by e-mail
The final showreel project is submitted by mail as a CD or DVD disc


Students receive by mail an Audio Masterclass certificate on successful completion of their course
Course modules

01: Analog & digital audio

Analog audio, signals, frequency response, noise, distortion, wow & flutter, clicks and interference, digital audio, analog-to-digital conversion, sampling, quantization, dither, digital-to-analog conversion.

02: Microphones

Dynamic microphones, capacitor microphones, ribbon microphones, electret microphones, polar patterns, vacuum tube microphones, attenuator, filter.

03: Microphone preamplifiers

Microphone preamplifiers, gain, phase, microphone selection, microphone positioning, stereo microphone techniques.

04: Equalization

High-frequency equalization, frequency, gain, bell/shelf, mid-frequency equalization, Q, low-frequency equalization, graphic equalizers, parametric equalizers, filters, cut-off frequency, slope.

05: Compression

Dynamic range control, threshold, ratio, attack, decay, knee, stereo linking, side chain, compression for aural enhancement, vacuum tube compressors.

06: Recording software

Disk recording, hard disks, seek time, rotational speed, input/output assignment, recording, editing and crossfade editing, gain change and normalization, mixing, inserts, auxiliary sends, auxiliary tracks, buses, master fader.

07: Effects & plug-ins

Delay and reverberation, phasing, flanging, chorusing, pitch change, aural enhancement, comparison between manual effects, hardware effects and plug-ins.

08: Synthesis and sampling

Additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, FM synthesis, wavetable synthesis, physical modeling synthesis, analog synthesis, voltage-controlled oscillator, voltage-controled filter, voltage-controled amplifier, envelope generator, sampling, looping, multisampling, phrase sampling, key groups.

09: Recording

Vocals, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, string instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments, drums, small groups and ensembles, orchestral recording, multitrack recording, punch-in, foldback, stereo recording.

10: Mixing

Analog mixing consoles, digital mixing consoles, digital mixing through software, automation, mutes, faders, pan, equalization, compression, noise gating, auxiliary sends, auxiliary returns, mixing for stereo, mono compatibility, monitoring.

11: Mastering

Equalization, compression, limiting, multi band compression, soft clipping, mastering for subjective loudness, mastering to match tracks in a compilation.

12: Marketing your music and recording services

Industry roles, record producer, recording engineer, A&R manager, studio manager, session musician, arranger, programmer, the music industry, the recording industry and record labels, pitching and promoting your services as an artist, engineer or producer. Showreel guidance.