The Black Veil by Rick Moody

The Black Veil: A Memoir with Digressions by Rick Moody
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Overview: A raw, unflinching, convention-defying memoir of substance abuse, depression, and guilt
In his genre-bending memoir, Rick Moody, author of The Ice Storm, delves into not only his own tormenting struggle with depression and alcoholism but also the pathos inherent in American society. Beginning with his childhood and widening his gaze to his ancestral past, Moody elegantly details the events that led him to admit himself to a psychiatric hospital.

Seeking explanations for his inner demons, Moody traces his lineage back to Joseph "Handkerchief" Moody. In early-eighteenth-century Maine, Joseph accidentally killed his childhood friend and wore a handkerchief over his face for the rest of his life as a self-imposed punishment. His story stirs within Moody a drive to understand his own failings through a study of American violence from colonial times to the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School.
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