The Bloodwood Curse by Peter Summersby

The Bloodwood Curse by Peter Summersby
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1 MB

Akuchi sets off from his home to find his own place in the world. After enlisting in the Cerecan army he hears about Fort Northern Wiles.
Fort Northern Wiles stands at the only passage to the north; it stands as the guardian to the civilised world. Forth Northern Wiles is surrounded by enemies; Trolls assault the walls to the North, hidden in the Forest it is meant to protect, a danger lurks deep in the dark forest.
Akuchi volunteers to serve at the dangerous Fort Northern Wiles, hoping to get out early and start his own farm. To do so Akuchi must travel to the heart of the Bloodwood forest and save the dark elves from a curse so horrific that it leaves its people trapped by their own shame, a disfigurement so horrific that they have all hidden themselves away from the whole world.
Princess Aife of the dark elves has been cursed like her people she has never looked at herself in the mirror desperate to forget the curse. When others look at her she sees their horror on their faces, tormented she hides herself from all.
Akuchi must choose to either stick to his word and get everything he ever wanted or return to his crowded parent’s house in shame.