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The Body Language Project: Part1 Female Body Language for Dating and Attraction: with Pictures

Author(s): Chris Philip

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The book 'Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction and Male/Female Body Language' (BLP) offers a unique perspective on body language as it relates to the 'mating dance' between a man and a woman during the courting phase of a relationship, including the approach and invitations to approach. The book encompasses reactions and changes in a woman's body language which occur during a conversation. If a man can learn and understand these, they will drastically aid him in steering any situation to his advantage.BLP will teach you how to look for positive and negative body displays on a global level. Instead of only looking at body leaning, rocking, posture, and fidgeting (like many other books do), this book will give you an in-depth perspective on everything to look for from head to toe. Included are what a woman is doing with her fingers, toes, leg position, and blinking, as well as many gross observations on proximity and variations of eye contact. Even how she chews her food is covered.Learn how the exchange of body language creates a 'mating dance,' which can be learned and played to gain the proper perspective of how women around you are feeling. This book shows you exactly how to create that dance and read the social situation correctly. It's not just the postures a woman is in which dictate how she feels, it is how those are directed that matters. The book will show you how to distinguish which of the indicators of interest a woman is showing are directed toward you, instead of toward another man, saving you lots of time in meeting girls. You can now approach women who WANT you to approach them, and not waste time with those who are not interested or unavailable. Overall, the book is unlike any other body language book on the market. There is a logical progression showing what to look for in a woman to determine her level of interest, how the level of her interest changes (positively or negatively), what can be read in her body language, how to display your own body language in a way which is non-threatening and attractive to women, and most importantly, the 'mating dance,' which is crucial to understand if one is to successfully use body language to gain the advantage. The pictures used to demonstrate body language are very realistic and are not dramatized for the purpose of show. They represent 'the real thing,' whereas many books only show exaggerated postures and are not practical in everyday life.Chapters in PART ONE:Section 1: Reading People - An IntroductionSection 2: Proximity Personal Space DefinedSection 3: Strategies To Establish Closeness:On Inviting Women InAvoiding Power PlaysOn CorneringHaptic Communication - TouchWhisperingSignaling And TestingTesting Closeness With Body PartsObjects As Symbolic ClosenessBad DaysSection 4: Signals Of Female DisinterestCrossing And BlockingShowing The Tongue Through Compressed LipsFull Body SteepleLeaning And ProximitySection 5: Start of Signals of Female InterestThe Body Language Project ebook PART ONE takes an in-depth look at female body language and body reactions to social stimuli. Where the book separates itself from others of its kind is in PART TWO (also available on Amazon) the perspective of male body language and personality traits which have the power to provoke specific social reactions from women.
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