The Body You Deserve by Anthony Robbins Video Tutorial + AudioBooks + eBooks

Take control of your life, your weight and your health with Tony Robbins astonishing step by step program for achieving you ideal weight and maintaining it for life instead of just weeks or months. If you’re committed to becoming naturally thin and fit once and for all, you need The Body you Deserve! Tony will show you how to apply his breakthrough methods for permanent and pleasurable weight management that works!

This 12 day program is all you need to get in shape and to discipline yourself in weight management & good health.

Day 1: Take charge of your mind, body and emotions.
Day 2: The power of beliefs.
Day 4: The 6 gifts & 4 poisons of living health.
Day 5: The power of aerobic exercise.
Day 6: The behavior chain: How to interrupt old patterns.
Day 7: The language of success.
Day 8: Urge management: Tools to make change last.
Day 9 & 10: Becoming a peak performer.
Day 11 & 12: Maintaining the body you deserve for life.