The Cage by Julie Morrigan

The Cage by Julie Morrigan (D.I. Eve Strong #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 298 KB

In the seaside city of Sunderland, somebody is preying on young women. They are plucked from their lives, seemingly at random, then their bodies are dumped days – sometimes weeks – later. When the third murder victim turns up, DI Eve Strong has a serial killer on her hands, and a city gripped with fear.

To add to the pressure, teenage twins go missing and someone is creeping around in people’s houses while they sleep. Are the cases connected in any way? Could the same person be responsible for everything? As the tension grows, everyone is under suspicion, as colleagues, neighbours and even spouses look at each other with distrust. The situation is personal for Eve, as the cases stir strong memories. Can she fight her fears and catch the killer?

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