The Calculus of Computation: Decision Procedures with…

The Calculus of Computation: Decision Procedures with Applications to Verification
Publisher: Springer
Date: 2007-10-12
ISBN-10: 3540741127
ISBN-13: 9783540741121
Language: English
Pages: 382
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Written with graduate and advanced undergraduate students in mind, this textbook introduces computational logic from the foundations of first-order logic to state-of-the-art decision procedures for arithmetic, data structures, and combination theories. The textbook also presents a logical approach to engineering correct software. Verification exercises are given to develop the reader’s facility in specifying and verifying software using logic. The treatment of verification concludes with an introduction to the static analysis of software, an important component of modern verification systems. The final chapter outlines courses of further study. Show more Show less e25bd88ab300e367f9e1d05fea8393f0  Size: (1.71 MB)   

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