The Cambridge Companion to Allegory (Cambridge Companions to…

The Cambridge Companion to Allegory (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: 2010-04-26
ISBN-10: 9780521862
ISBN-13: 9780521862295
Language: English
Pages: 324
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Allegory is a vast subject, and its knotty history is daunting to students and even advanced scholars venturing outside their own historical specializations. This Companion will present, lucidly, systematically, and expertly, the various threads that comprise the allegorical tradition over its entire chronological range. Beginning with Greek antiquity, the volume shows how the earliest systems of allegory developed in poetry dealing with philosophy, mystical religion, and hermeneutics. Once the earliest histories and themes of the allegorical tradition have been presented, the volume turns to literary, intellectual, and cultural manifestations of allegory through the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The essays in the last section address literary and theoretical approaches to allegory in the modern era, from reactions to allegory in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to reevaluations of its power in the thought of the twentieth century and beyond. Show more Show less d54a7327e0562c24d68d9ca973fc0a21