The Chemistry of Joy By Henry Emmons [Audiobook]

The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom By Henry Emmons [Audiobook] Cover Image:

Publisher’s Summary
The Chemistry of Joy presents Dr. Emmons’ natural approach to depression, combining the best of Western medicine and Eastern teaching to create your body’s own biochemistry of joy. Dr. Emmons creates a practical program for each of the three types of depression: anxious depression, agitated depression, and sluggish depression.

The Chemistry of Joy helps you to identify which type of depression you are experiencing and provides a specific diet and exercise plan to address it as well as nutritional supplements and “psychology of mindfulness” exercises that can restore your body’s natural balance and energy. This flexible approach creates newfound joy for those whose lives have been touched by depression – and pathways for all who seek to actively improve their emotional lives.

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