The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 1 by Karsten Müller (Muller)

The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 1: Test and Improve Your Tactical Vision by Karsten Müller, Susan Polgar (Foreword)
Requirements: .PDF reader, 4 MB
Overview: Combines clear discussions of tactical themes with over 600 well-chosen positions to test, challenge and teach. Although the classic combinations are not ignored, the emphasis here is on positions from modern tournament practice of the last decade. Tactics is a very important part of the game of chess and conscientious study and application of tactical principles is crucial to success. This book offers every type of tactical motif imaginable, from the more common back rank mates, pins, skewers, forks, up to and including some beautiful and rare combinations. This tactical book will prove exceptionally useful for a wide range of players, intermediate through master strength and beyond.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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