The Chronowarp: Invaders Series, Book 2 By Vaughn Heppner [Audiobook]

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The Galactics quarantined Earth. But the last Galactic Guard agent died. Logan found his stealth ship, and now it’s his job to protect the Earth from alien predators.

Kazz is a genuine Neanderthal and Philemon is an apish proto-human, two thugs with priceless information to sell to the highest alien bidder. But first they have to get off this backward planet.

They hijack Logan’s Guard ship, needing it to crack an ancient alien structure at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, believing it will provide them the ticket out of here. What they don’t know is that the structure holds a terrifying alien prisoner that could doom the human race to eternal servitude – and if they did know, they wouldn’t care. Kazz and Philemon just want to cash in.

It’s up to Logan to stop them, but, at the moment, he’s on the run from humans who want the secrets of the Guard ship.

Invaders: The Chronowarp, the second book in the Invaders Series, is a novel of science fiction adventure by best-selling author Vaughn Heppner.

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