The Competitiveness Report Of Zhongguancun Listed Companies …

The Competitiveness Report Of Zhongguancun Listed Companies (2018)

This book addresses the fundamental development status and provides the systematic analysis of Zhongguancun Listed Companies, from different perspectives of financial statistics, comparisons among different regions and company structures. Zhongguancun, the origin and the representative of Chinese modern innovation, has collected over 300 Listed Companies so far. The book also offers an illustration that how Zhongguancun Listed Companies developed in 2017, including the market performance, the profitability, the debt paying capacity, the conditions of operating, innovation, investing and dominant industries, with the proposal of the existing difficulties and developing suggestions in depth. The book aims at objectively presenting the competitiveness characteristics and development status of Zhongguancun Listed Companies. Whether you’re a global investor, an economic researcher, or ordinary people, this book will be an important way to understand China’s scientific and technological innovation achievements and Zhongguancun outstanding enterprises.