The Complete Guide to Growing and Using Wheatgrass: Everything…

The Complete Guide to Growing and Using Wheatgrass: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply, Including Easy-to-make Recipes (Back-To-Basics Gardening) (Back to Basics Growing)
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc.
Date: 2011-03-31
ISBN-10: 1601383398
ISBN-13: 9781601383396
Language: English
Pages: 336
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Wheatgrass, that simple green plant you see growing above the counter in your favorite smoothie shops, is one of the most versatile, intrinsically useful vegetable matters available to you. It can be blended into almost anything, grows in any temperate or warm climate, and is chock full of so many vitamins and fiber that it can take the place of up to two or three servings of vegetables every day if used properly. More and more people are taking advantage of this highly useful plant and growing it themselves, but for many, the lack of instruction and direction can lead to frustration and confusion over how the plant is supposed to be grown and what it needs to thrive.
This book guides you through the process of not only growing, but successfully cultivating wheatgrass for your own personal use in nearly any endeavor, from selling at local farmers markets to mixing in with your home made smoothies. You will learn what wheatgrass does for you and your body; providing the necessary energy you need to lose weight and help fight illness by boosting your immune system. You will learn how to grow your own wheatgrass and how chlorophyll functions within wheatgrass, reducing environmental hazards, cleaning your blood with unique enzymes, improving liver function, and deodorizing the body.
The nutritional benefits of wheatgrass are outlined in detail for anyone who wants to benefit from them, including the vitamin contents, and comparisons to other super foods. The minerals, amino acids, cancer fighting aspects, and weight loss potential of wheat grass are outlined in detail for you alongside instructions on how to grow and juice your own wheatgrass regardless of where you live. Top wheatgrass growers and experts have been interviewed and have provided their take on how you can start using it to cleanse your body and increase your nutritional intake every day. For anyone who has ever considered wheat grass s super food potential for their greenhouse or garden, this guide is everything you need.
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