The Complete UFC Fit Program – 12 DVD Workout Program + Nutrition Guides + Schedule

UFC Fit coach Mike Dolce brings you a Mixed Martial Arts 12-Workout Program broken into four, three-week segments – Designed to get you in fight shape and develop the strength, flexibility and conditioning of a UFC fighter. By Week 12, you will be in the absolute best shape of your life, just like a UFC fighter when he peaks before fighting in the Octagon.

The UFC FIT program is broken into four, three-week segments. Picture steps, where each one stacks on top of the other. You must go through the first weeks to develop the strength, flexibility and conditioning for the later weeks.

We teach techniques with the proper volume and intensity to force consistent progression so that with each workout, you get better. By Week 12, you will be in the absolute best shape of your life, just like a UFC athlete when he or she peaks before entering the Octagon.

“What makes UFC FIT different than every other workout out there is Mike Dolce. We don’t cut corners. We don’t do anything halfway. When we got the idea for UFC FIT, Mike Dolce was the guy we had to have.” – Dana White

Competing on season seven of The Ultimate Fighter and training with some of the top athletes in the sport such as Thiago Alves, Michael Bisping, Johny Hendricks and Gray Maynard, Mike Dolce is qualified to present the UFC FIT program.

Once 280 pounds, Dolce transformed his body and lifestyle by effective exercise and dietary principles. Dolce is now 195 pounds, with only 5 percent body fat. Now, for you, he has based the entire UFC FIT program on those principles he learned and developed. He has personally seen results, and he has helped some of the best athletes in the world do the same.


The focus in Weeks 1-3 is to challenge you while allowing time to build strength and tolerance to exercise-induced soreness. Exercises in this segment are more commonly recognized and less complex than future workouts. We also introduce our own blend of UFC-related concepts and movements.

Power Punch focuses on the complementary pushing muscles of the upper and lower body through the use of compound, multi-joint movements. We also directly train the core muscles and encourage a fat-burning cardiovascular pace.


With Power Punch under our belt, we are now underway in the development of your strength building and conditioning.

Power Pull takes you to the next fitness level by focusing on the pulling muscles of the upper and lower body, complementing the opposing exercises trained in Power Punch. Here, we incorporate core training and maintain a motivated cardiovascular pace.


We have completed the first three weeks of training and have mastered Power Punch and Power Pull. We are ready for Plyo Shred, which we begin challenging the body under new forms of resistance and increasing your cardiovascular output.

Plyo Shred focuses on explosive, full-body movements combining strength, speed, agility and endurance. We keep the pace high and the body moving in all directions. Our goal is to tax the muscles and keep adding reps.


Fat Fighter is the next building block, quickening up the pace, taking you to that next level.

The focus of Fat Fighter is on high-intensity, cardiovascular, full-body exercises. Fat Fighter keeps your body working at a high level and elevates your heart rate for up to 45 minutes while intensely working all muscle groups.


Heading into weeks 7 through 9, we switch back to muscle-specific exercises, as opposed to the previous segment’s movement-based exercises, we carve round, healthy, toned muscles while continuing to burn body fat and improve endurance

In Striker Strength, we our focus back to the complementary pushing muscles of the upper and lower body that we trained in Power Punch. However, now it is more advanced. Rounds are longer, and the cardiovascular demand continues to increase.


Complementing Striker Strength in structure, again we focus on the opposing, pulling muscles of the upper and lower body through multi-joint, compound movements in a series of challenging circuits.


We have spent the past nine weeks striving to look like a UFC fighter, and now is the time to actually train like one!

Ultimate Fit Challenger is fast-paced high intensity, action-packed workouts that mimic the pace of a UFC competition with familiar movements used in the Octagon.


Be prepared to perform the toughest muscle-building, fat-burning exercises pulled from the past nine weeks as well as new exercises designed to push your entire body to its limits!


In Cardio Cross Train, we will incorporate kickboxing techniques suited to burning body fat. Exercises are performed at a medium, aerobic pace, blending body-shaping movements with technically sound elements of traditional striking techniques.


The focus in Ab Assassin is dedicated to firming and shaping muscles surrounding the core and glutes. Mild stretching is employed with low-intensity, strength-training exercises.


Ultimate Stretch Flex blends familiar stretching and relaxation techniques used in yoga studios and Olympic Training Centers, the focus is a low-intensity workout allowing your body and mind to recover from the intense pace of other workouts.


Shark Attack simulates the ‘shark tank rounds’ in UFC training camps when a fighter fends off a fresh training partner every 60 seconds during a five-minute round. Here, we employ five full-body exercises per round for 60 seconds each. We perform three rounds with a one-minute break between each.

Is UFC FIT right for everyone? Yes, if you have the desire and determination to work hard for eye-popping results. You don’t have to be an athlete to train like one and to look like one. We proved it.