The Curiosity Gene by Alexandros Kourt

The Curiosity Gene: On the Origin of Humankind by Means of Intrinsic Motivation by Alexandros Kourt
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Overview: They say curiosity killed the cat. But according to The Curiosity Gene, inquisitiveness actually plays the opposite role – responsible for not only human survival but also our evolutionary advancement to become the most intelligent creature on the planet.
This groundbreaking new book by award-winning science writer and computer engineer Alexandros Kourt combines anthropology, archaeology, psychology, and evolution with computer theory to help listeners better understand themselves and the human brain.
Kourt explores exciting new scientific territory, revealing a major discovery that will revolutionize the way we understand our past, present, and future selves. Reaching back through hundreds of millennia, he unveils how ancient warfare paved the way for curiosity to define us as human beings. Think of it as the ultimate arms race, where the smartest, most mentally active survived and advanced up the evolutionary tree, leaving their less innovative companions to the dustbin of prehistory.
So, in practical terms, what does this dramatic discovery mean for you? Forget New Age adages about happy thoughts attracting happy vibrations. In The Curiosity Gene, you’ll learn how tapping into the very essence of what it means to be human, including pain and difficulty, can result in a more lasting and meaningful form of happiness.
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