The DCI Blizzard Murder Mysteries Box Set 1 by John Dean

The DCI Blizzard Murder Mysteries Box Set 1 by John Dean (#1-3)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 834 KB

Looking for binge-worthy crime fiction? Get these three unmissable murder mysteries in this boxset, now! Comprising the first three books in the Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard series.

1. The Long Dead
When a routine archaeological dig turns up bodies on the site of a WWII prisoner of war camp, it should be an open and shut case for detective John Blizzard. But forensics discover one of the deaths is more recent and the force have a murder investigation on their hands.

2. Strange Little Girl
When a family is brutally murdered, one child is never found. It still troubles DCI John Blizzard to this day. But new clues emerge that will take him deep into the criminal underworld and into conflict with the powers that be. Cracking the case will take all of the detective’s skills, and more. Coming out unscarred will be impossible.

3. The Railway Man
Few tears are shed when an ex-boxer and local hard man turns up dead. Perhaps only Blizzard is unhappy as the incident interrupts the celebration of the unveiling of the steam locomotive he has lovingly helped restore. There is no shortage of people who might have wanted the boxer dead. But with suspicion of the police and fear of recriminations high, getting any information at all will prove difficult.

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