The Devourer by C.H. Chelser

The Devourer by C.H. Chelser
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 664 KB

Paris, 1858. Mercedes Fabron, pragmatic wife and childless mother, has her hands full running her husband’s fashion shop while ignoring the uninvited ghosts that haunt her night and day. Only the spirit of her deceased daughter Danielle gives her comfort in her increasingly claustrophobic life.

In the darkness beyond life, something stirs. Out in the streets, mysterious deaths shock Paris. The newspapers speak of an unknown disease, the police speak of accidents. But when even the ghosts are scared to death, Mercedes suspects a far more sinister culprit.
One that could kill Danielle all over again. This time for good. Behind the oppressive reality of abuse, depression and suicide, there is light on the edge of the darkness.

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