The Disruptors: 50 People Who Changed the World

The Disruptors: 50 People Who Changed the World
Publisher: Sterling
Date: 2018-09-04
ISBN-10: 1454930314
ISBN-13: 9781454930310
Language: English
Pages: 288
Added: 2018-09-26 10:22:05

“Biography lovers may find this a great start in understanding the long-term impacts that individuals can have on culture, society, and history and be interested in seeking further information about Axelrod’s fascinating subjects. –Booklist

Meet 50 women and men who broke the rules . . . and changed the world.

What does Charles Darwin have in common with Johannes Gutenberg-or with Jackson Pollock, Martin Luther, Betty Friedan, Steve Jobs, and DJ Kool Herc? They were the disruptors, upending cultural, technical, spiritual, or scientific paradigms and altering the way we live forever. Bestselling author Alan Axelrod presents engaging profiles, accompanied by original line drawings, of 50 visionaries who rewrote the rules. Their innovations range from the printing press (Gutenberg) to the fight for women’s equality (Friedan), from the smartphone (Jobs) to the invention of hip-hop (Herc). Show more Show less 3dcf6787f7e74d052ad54bae3c447367  Size: (3.30 MB)         

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