The Eagle and the Dragon by Chris Duffin

The Eagle and the Dragon: A Story of Strength and Reinvention by Chris Duffin
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Overview: Whatever has happened to you, it is not who you are.
The world mayknow Chris Duffin as "The Mad Scientist of Strength," but you wouldn’t have ever guessed that if you saw the scrawny kid skinning rattlesnakes and chasing dragonflies in the early ’80s. The story of his unconventional life will take you from gripping tales of murder, trauma, heartbreak, and survival deep in the Pacific Northwest wilderness all the way to an idealization of the self-made man-still flawed, but never broken.
In The Eagle and the Dragon, you’ll follow one man’s journey into the darkness of his own heart and witness the transformation of alcoholism, pain, and defeat into vision, character, and victory. Through Chris’s powerful self-realization, you’ll see how the human spirit can be either shackled by circumstance or freed from it.
Strength and Reinvention: the Eagle and the Dragon. Are you ready to walk through the fire and make your vision a reality?
Genre: Non-Fiction – Biographies

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