The Easy Guide To Growing Cannabis Volume …

The Easy Guide To Growing Cannabis Volume 1: How To Easily Grow Marijuana, Indoors & Outdoors Cheaply & Discreetly

Growing cannabis has never been easier, with advances in technology and new strains of auto-flowering cannabis emerging. More people than ever have now decided to start growing their own bud. Like many growers before you, youve realized that growing your own Amsterdam quality bud is the way forward. In my book I show you how to grow the best weed possible, indoors and outdoors. I also tell you how and when to harvest the best buds. Ive also disclosed my secret method of drying buds to perfect, fluffy Amsterdam quality! Then Ill tell you how to make Afghan black hashish! Not soap-bar but pure narcotic hashish! All this presented in an easy no nonsense way with Step By Step Instructions and full color photos throughout. I also cover outdoor stealth and gorilla growing, how to protect plants indoors and outside. Hiding your grow-rooms from nosy neighbors and the authorities. With over 40 years experience of growing, I know my stuff. Better than Amsterdams weed Cant move Never had better hashish Couldnt drive for hours because I was tripping! Packed full of tips and useful advice throughout plus meet the Ganja Guru as well Chapters include: Which weed to grow Male & female seeds Mother plants Taking clone cuttings Growing indoors Creating a sealed environment Water pH and nutrients Lights Step by step setup for indoor growing Growing outdoors – Gorilla growing Where to grow outside Making Afghan black hashish Plus many more! Packed full of use information – throughout!