The Elements Of Music: Music Theory And Foundations!

The Elements of Music: Music Theory and Foundations!
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Three Music Courses in One: Gold Standard for Comprehensive Music Theory and Music Skills Development

What Will I Learn?

Learn chord, key, and scale construction for all major and minor keys.

Singers and musicians – improve your pitch.

Understand scale construction and be able to differentiate different scales simply by hearing them.

What Will I Learn?
Be able to recognize and apply several principles of music theory.
Learn chord, key, and scale construction for all major and minor keys.
Takes steps toward becoming a fully formed musician.
Singers and musicians – improve your pitch.
Understand chord construction and be able to recognize different chords by ear.
Understand scale construction and be able to differentiate different scales simply by hearing them.
Understand mode construction and be able to recognize all seven modes by ear.
Be able to recognize intervals, triad types, and chord types by ear and clearly understand the music theory underlying them.
Compose simple melodies in major and minor keys.
Learn the skills to contribute creatively in any musical setting.
Be able to analyze chord progressions and understand chord functions.
Learn the fundamentals of music notation.
No prerequisites required.
A desire to deepen your understanding of music and build solid musical foundations.
Free music notation software on a computer is required to complete optional projects.
Three courses in one: Music Theory, Ear Training, and Foundations of Music.
Learn music theory while developing the skills to hear and apply the concepts. Don’t just cover music theory – learn to hear concepts!
Practice modules of increasing skill development follow each section.
Learn the basic elements of the musical score by completing assignments with free music scoring software!
Take steps toward becoming a fully formed musician with three courses in one.
Welcome to The Elements of Music. Drawing from and expanding on our top-selling music course, these lessons are designed to develop a deep understanding of music theory and apply this knowledge through carefully created ear training modules, skills building units, and lessons in music theory.
Enroll now and accelerate your musical journey.
What Students Are Saying
"This guy can put the knowledge inside your mind. I’ve got his bass masterclass and I can say that this is another great course for anyone who wants to become a better musician."
"The instructor really makes these courses fun. He puts a lot of energy into making the material very engaging and makes every aspect of learning music interesting and memorable. Since following this course I cannot tell you how much my understanding has improved. Bravo"
What You’ll Learn
Learn music theory, put that theory to practice in ear training, and then apply these two combined skills to applications in songs. Take the complete journey from theory to sound to song.
Develop a deep understanding of the fundamentals of music theory while building the skills to recognize what you hear and what you see.
This course is for those who want a deeper understanding of the musical world from theory through to application. It is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate students who seek to polish their skills and clarify their musical understanding.
There is also optional participation in the Active Learning Workbook so that you can learn by doing as you complete projects on a musical score with a variety of instruments. Learn the elements of music theory by doing.
Build the solid foundations to propel yourself forward in music with integrated music theory!
Learn music theory and much more including:
Foundations of Music Theory
Fundamentals of the Music Score
Music Notation for Multiple Instruments
The Overtone Series
Learning to Sing and Play on Pitch
Key Signatures – All Keys
Time Signatures – Basic, Compound, and Odd Meters!
The Major Scale and the Minor Scales – Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor
All Seven Modes
Chord Progressions
The Circle of Fifths
Chord Construction – Triad-based three-note chords, 7th chords (diatonic and non-diatonic), 6th Chords, Suspended Chords
Music Theory Matched with Ear Training
Roman Numeral Analysis for Applied Music Theory
Chord Functions
And more. plus hone your skills with Ear Training and Skills Building Practice Modules.
Learn music theory and apply music theory to what you hear in music and see on the page.
Music Theory Plus!
The Elements of Music – Music Theory, Ear Training and Foundations of Music
Who is the target audience?
Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Aspiring Composers and Producers
This course is designed for anyone who wishes to gain a deep understanding of music theory and develop a musical ear.
This course starts at the very beginning, carries through the intermediate level, and takes you through to advanced music theory and ear training.
This course is suitable for beginners through to advanced students of music theory and ear training.
Save money, time, and energy in music lessons for any instrument by learning these foundations.




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