The End Of Work: The Decline Of …

The End Of Work: The Decline Of The Global Labor Force And The Dawn Of The Post-market Era

Esteemed economist, philosopher, and activist Jeremy Rifkin’s critically-acclaimed book addresses what could be the most important issue facing our globaleconomy: the wholesale loss of jobs to new technologies. Sophisticated computers,robotics, telecommunications, and other cutting-edge technologies are fast replacinghuman beings in virtually every sector and industry. Now in paperback, this disturbing,mind-opening, and ultimately hopeful book illustrates how new technologies, coupledwith a worldwide drip in purchasing power, threaten to repeat the conditions that lead tothe Great Depression. The author argues, however, that there is still times to avoid economic collapse. Hesuggests that we move beyond the delusion of retraining for nonexistent jobs and looktoward a new, post-market era. He describes new alternatives to traditional work thatcould liberate humanity and create conditions for a more human social order. The rebirthof the human spirit may be the very thing that saves us from economic disaster.

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