The Essential Aip Cookbook: 115+ Recipes For …

The Essential Aip Cookbook: 115+ Recipes For The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Diet (including Aip Meal Plan & Food List)

From Best-Selling Author and Founder of Ancestral Chef, Louise Hendon… An Autoimmune Cookbook That Makes Cooking and Healing Simple and Fun I don’t need to tell you that having an autoimmune disease can be both tough and frustrating. I have personally dealt with my own autoimmune disorder for many years. And yet…There’s a Better Way. In The Essential AIP Cookbook, I’ll show you recipes that are easy to make and won’t leave you stuck in the kitchen for hours on end. They’re 100% Autoimmune Paleo compliant (AIP-compliant). And – best of all – they’re delicious and have been taste-tested over and over again. There are over 115 AIP recipes in this cookbook along with a detailed AIP food list, 4-week AIP meal plan, and more… Simple 4-Step Guide to Healing Autoimmune Diseases In addition to irresistible recipes, the Autoimmune Cookbook also contains an entire chapter on my simple 4-step guide to healing an autoimmune disease through dietary changes. This approach cuts straight to the most important changes you’ll need to make to your diet and lifestyle. However, my approach also details how to start adding foods back to your diet and how to eat as many delicious foods as possible, all while healing your body. It’s not an easy decision to completely overhaul what you eat, and my goal is to make that as easy and fun as possible for you! Why The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Works Autoimmune diseases, although triggered by a variety of causes, are all very closely tied to the health of your digestive system. You see, your digestive system (particularly your small intestines) is tightly integrated with your immune system. So if you have leaky gut, if you’re not producing the proper enzymes, or if your gut bacteria are out of balance or out of control – any of these things can keep you from healing your autoimmune disease. I’ve heard from hundreds of people from my website who have completely healed or dramatically improved their autoimmune diseases by using the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. There are never any guarantees, and everybody is unique, but what do you really have to lose by eating a clean, nutritious, and non-toxic diet that is also delicious? Faster, Easier, and Better Recipes Make This Autoimmune Cookbook Different I love masterful chefs like Gordon Ramsay, but we don’t all have the time to cook gourmet 5-course meals every day. My goal is to make getting healthy and recovering from autoimmune disorders easier and faster, while also enjoying delicious food. All of the recipes in this cookbook are designed to be easy to make, and many can be made in bulk and then stored for future meals. What that means for you is less time in the kitchen and better food on the table for you and your family. Best of all – every recipe is formatted so that it’s easy to follow, and I included a 4-week AIP meal plan plus a very detailed AIP food list . I know the extreme frustration that autoimmune illnesses bring, which is why I truly want to help as many people as I can get as healthy as possible. Get Started Healing Your Body Today I struggled for years to get healthy and feel well. And although my journey towards optimum health will be lifelong, I do wish I had made a commitment and started sooner. If you’re on the fence, I’d encourage you (with this cookbook or any other) to get started as soon as possible. You deserve to feel better, and it’s completely within your reach.

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