The Exalting by Dan Allen

The Exalting by Dan Allen
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 712 KB

On the planet Xahna, cities create their own supreme beings. By binding their will to a bloodstone, the people can give their thoughts, their feelings, and-most importantly-their magic to their supreme leader.
Seventeen-year-old Dana has discovered a bloodstone. Inside it’s crystals is access to the magic of twenty thousands inhabitants of a neighboring city. Used properly, the stone would give Dana nearly limitless power, but where Dana grew up bloodstones are forbidden. She has no idea how to use such a thing, and even if she did, using the stone without permission comes with a death penalty.
Dana is not the only person who wants to use the stone. Powerful magicians who follow a supreme being across the sea are determined to bring the bloodstone back for their leader.

And, unbeknownst to any on Xahna, the rest of the universe is coming to use their planet as a battlefield.
The universe is at war. Discovering life on other planets was a big surprise for humans and discovering that they were expected was even stranger. Prophecies have foretold of the nine planets and the one planet that holds the creator of all life. There are those who fear such prophecies and are determined to erase such beliefs from the universe.
In order to escape annihilation, The Believers are on their way to Xahna. Marine Jet Naman’s advance landing team approaches, not fully understanding the conflict they are about to enter. The power Xahna posseses could save his people, but if they can’t make allies then all is lost. Can Jet and Dana save each other?