The Fall of the Philippines 1941-1942 by means of Donald J. Young

The Fall of the Philippines: The Desperate Struggle Against the Japanese Invasion, 1941-1942 1st Edition by means of Donald J. Young
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Overview: World War II started for the United States with the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, adopted by means of the invasion of the Philippine Islands the next day to come. Unlike the speedy seize of Hong Kong, Wake Island and Singapore, the struggle within the Philippines lasted for seven months ahead of the unprepared American and Filipino forces-cut off from provides and combating with out of date apparatus and with out air or naval support-were beaten.
Drawing on diaries and private accounts, this e-book chronicles forgotten movements within the fall of the Philippines throughout the memories of American servicemen. The creator covers the 90 day perseverance of Bataan’s tiny air pressure, the primary PT boat raid of the struggle, the remaining U.S. horse cavalry price in historical past, a lone U.S. submarine’s assault on a Japanese invasion fleet, the planned bombing of Bataan’s major box clinic by means of the Japanese, the tricky and uneasy give up of Bataan, Corregidor’s doomed resistance and the give up of the Southern Islands of the archipelago.
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