The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion by Blair Warren

The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion by Blair Warren
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Overview: Persuasion, or the art of convincing others to do one’s bidding, is a vital skill that everyone is born with, yet few possess a true understanding of the science behind it. It has many practical applications in everyday life regardless of one’s age and profession. Blair Warren, author of Forbidden Keys to Persuasion, talks about this from a unique perspective and takes readers through various techniques on influencing human thought. From a marketing standpoint, these techniques can be useful in subtly directing people to take action.

Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational > Psychology

“Persuasion is all about understanding human nature. Blair Warren’s Forbidden Keys To Persuasion covers this particular skill from a scientific point of view. If you are in the marketing business, this course will provide you with the necessary insight into the human mind along with practical, and most importantly, ethical ways to put this skill into use. I’d recommend this course to anyone seeking to understand human behavior” -James Schramko

  • The Basis Of Forbidden Persuasion And The Achilles Heel Of The Human Mind
  • The Mechanics Of Cult Mind Control – Part 1
  • The Mechanics Of Cult Mind Control – Part 2
  • Psychological Ventriloquism
  • Persuasion And The God Complex: An Excerpt From Joe Vitale’s Seven Lost Secrets Of Success

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