The Fundamentals of Drawing Portraits by Barrington Barber

The Fundamentals of Drawing Portraits by Barrington Barber
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Overview: This book is essential for everyone who wants to improve their drawing skills. Written by teacher and established artist Barrington Barber, it contains a wealth of know-how and practical advice, supported by over 300 original illustrations. Guidance is given on how to overcome common difficulties without imposing a particular style or approach. The aim throughout is to help you discover your artistic purpose while giving you the technical tools necessary if you are to produce work you will be proud to call your own.Barrington Barber has sold over 2 million art instruction books. His best selling titlesi include THE COMPLETE BOOK OF DRAWING, THE FUNDAMENTALS OF DRAWING and ANYONE CAN DRAW. In this book he turns his inimitable talents to the art of drawing portraits. Fundamentals of Portrait Drawing presents an inspirational approach to all aspects of the subject, including first steps, group or family portraits, props, clothing and costume, symbolism and furniture. Barber’s helpful writing style ensures the customer will remain enthused from beginning to end and regularly revisit its pages for advice and encouragement. Over 350 illustrations at an excellent price point
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