The Fundamentals Of Drawing Still Life : …

The Fundamentals Of Drawing Still Life : A Practical And Inspirational Course

In this book, both budding and experienced artists will find clear, comprehensive instructions to help them improve their craft. The author describes in detail the type of materials to acquire before starting, and ideas to consider in composition, choice of medium, and more. The exercises range from basic to advanced, helping artists to progress from fundamental skills to emulating the work of masters. Artists wishing to explore still life can find inspirational examples from the Roman era to the present day. From Italian Renaissance murals to the impressionists’ stunning interpretations of flower arrangements, Still Life has a rich history and a wide range of styles. Of all the genres of art, still life offers one of the widest. Still Life is a very well-practiced area of drawing and painting and has been the route by which many artists have learnt about techniques and style. This is because it is the most easily available of art’s themes and doesn’t require a model or a fair-weathered day. The artist only has to look around his or her home to find everything needed for an enjoyable drawing session and improve technique.

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