The Good Vices by Harry Ofgang, Erik Ofgang

The Good Vices: From Beer to Sex, the Surprising Truth About What’s Actually Good for You by Harry Ofgang, Erik Ofgang
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Overview: Being healthy is easier, less expensive, and a whole lot more enjoyable than you think.

Much of the health advice we receive today tells us that in order to be healthy, we must consume a Spartan diet, exercise with the intensity of an Olympic athlete, and take a drug for every ailment. We constantly worry about the foods we should or shouldn’t be eating and the medical tests we have neglected to take. And all that worry costs us dearly-financially, emotionally, and physically.

In The Good Vices, prominent naturopathic physician Dr. Harry Ofgang and health journalist Erik Ofgang tear down decades of myth and prejudice to reveal how some of our guilty pleasures are not only okay but actually good for our health.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Medical

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