The Great Mathematical Problems by Ian Stewart

The Great Mathematical Problems by way of Ian Stewart
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Overview: Celebrated mathematician Stewart explains why mathematical issues exist, what drives mathematicians to resolve them, and why their efforts subject within the context of science as an entire.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

Great issues —
Prime territory : Goldbach Conjecture —
The puzzle of pi : squaring the circle —
Mapmaking mysteries : Four Color theorem —
Sphereful symmetry : Kepler Conjecture —
New answers for outdated : Mordell Conjecture —
Inadequate margins : Fermat’s Last Theorem —
Orbital chaos : Three-body drawback —
Patterns in high : Riemann Hypothesis —
What form is a sphere? : PoincarĂ© Conjecture —
They can not all be simple : P/NP drawback —
Fluid considering : Navier-Stokes Equation —
Quantum conundrum : Mass Gap Hypothesis —
Diophantine goals : Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture —
Complex cycles : Hodge Conjecture —
Where subsequent? —
Twelve for the longer term.

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