The Great Train Robbery by Andrew Cook

The Great Train Robbery: The Untold Story from the Closed Investigation Files by Andrew Cook
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Overview: The Great Train Robbery of 1963 is one of the most (in)famous crimes in British history. The bulk of the money stolen (equivalent to £40 million today) has never been recovered. There has not been a single year since 1963 when one aspect or another of the crime or its participants has not been featured in the media, and there is no sign that public interest in this subject is abating-quite the opposite, in fact. With the 50th anniversary approaching, interest will no doubt increase even more. The Great Train Robbery will examine new evidence (including previously classified documents from the Metropolitan Police, Home Office and Foreign Office) as to why such a meticulously planned crime failed during the getaway, how the establishment conspired to ensure harsh sentences, how the driver of the train was manipulated, and how the police investigation was mishandled, and will reveal what happened to the money.
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