The Gun Digest Book of Guns … by Kevin Michalowski

The Gun Digest Book of Guns for Personal Defense: Arms & Accessories for Self-Defense by Kevin Michalowski
Requirements: .PDF reader, 22 MB
Overview: Personal protection is a hot topic today, and current, complete information on the handguns used for it is in great demand. This Gun Digest new release provides just that. Handgun enthusiasts or anyone looking to find out about handguns for personal defense will find everything they need to know in that pages of this comprehensive guide and reference. Readers will learn the basics of selection and use of handguns for personal defense. The book covers uses of revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, ammunition, holsters, firearms training options, buying a used gun and much more. A catalog section contains listings of currently available pistols and revolvers suitable for personal defense, complete with pricing for each.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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