The Hearing Sciences, Third Edition

The Hearing Sciences, Third Edition
Publisher: Plural Publishing
Date: 2017-12-29
ISBN-10: 1944883630
ISBN-13: 9781944883638
Language: English
Pages: 637
Added: 2018-12-26 03:56:15

The Hearing Sciences, Third Edition addresses all the topics critical to understanding the hearing sciences: acoustics, basic instrumentation, anatomy and physiology of the auditory and vestibular systems, and psychoacoustics. The text is intended for undergraduate courses in hearing science and to augment the graduate AuD curriculum. The writing is straightforward and clear and each chapter includes an introduction, summary, and review questions. "Clinical Correlate" boxes engage the student by demonstrating the relationships between the hearing sciences and clinical audiology.
Introductory and intermediate chapters are designed for undergraduate and graduate students who do not have a background in hearing science; a pre-requisite course in clinical audiology is not required. Intermediate and advanced chapters provide AuD students with a foundation for their studies in the hearing sciences.
New to the Third Edition:

  • An updated art program with more illustrations and images
  • A new chapter on advanced vestibular anatomy and physiology, and thorough updates to the prior vestibular content
  • Continued attention to conveying information in a straightforward manner while reflecting the current state of research
  • Key concepts are bolded throughout for greater comprehension and accessibility
  • Review questions have been added to each chapter to assure students grasp and retain the information

Instructor and student resources are available on the companion website, which contains interactive tutorials to review the content, additional review questions, useful links, and more. Show more Show less 8cf8f1ad8efa0a9b269a202617f52e84  Size: (406.10 MB)   

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