The Immortality Curse By Greig Beck [Audiobook]

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The latest thrilling adventure from best-selling author Greig Beck!
What would you give for eternal life?
An impossibly old man, a family gruesomely murdered and a woman whose collection of mythological artefacts defies belief: Professor Matt Kearns knows they are connected. These ancient clues bring Matt out of his self-imposed solitude to seek the fabled Fountain of Youth.
This brings on a perilous odyssey across deserts and oceans and into the heart of a mountain, and Matt must overcome horrifying adversaries and creatures of legend and also unravel a 5,000-year-old mystery that will tear at his very sanity. In a hidden place, Matt finds that some gifts have a terrible price – and some are not gifts at all but curses that can last for an eternity.

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