The Intelligent Exit by Mark Carmichael

The Intelligent Exit: The Business Owner’s Guide To A Winning Strategy For Selling Your Business by Mark Carmichael
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Overview: Business owners possess an undeniable expertise about their business and the industry within which they operate, yet this knowledge seldom translates into a clear, executable strategy for selling that business. For most, the task of selling a business is an issue they have little experience with, often culminating in an ineffective selling strategy. In The Intelligent Exit, Mark Carmichael distills and shares the wisdom and experience gained during a 20+ year career as a serial entrepreneur turned M&A deal maker. From his top tips on developing, implementing and executing a winning sell-side strategy to some candid insights on what to look for when choosing an M&A advisor, this book brings together powerful advice on what is for many, the most important financial transaction of their lifetime. Written in a conversational tone, The Intelligent Exit addresses the fundamentals and proven strategies that will significantly improve the probability of success when selling a business. Learn the rules, strategies and tactics before you get in the game, and discover how to effectively position your company to achieve your best possible exit.
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