The Jazz Guitar Workshop Series by Alessandro De Sanctis

The Jazz Guitar Workshop Series by Alessandro De Sanctis
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 47.5 MB
Overview: Over 20 years of experience as guitar player and teacher. Solid knowledge in jazz harmony and improvisation techniques.
I prepared these books for my students to support my teaching activities.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

Book #1: Exotic Scales For Guitar
Exotic Scales for Guitar presents positions and patterns for more than 50 exotic scales: 6 strings patterns, root-to-root octave, high string patterns, 3 notes per string and so on… You’ll learn Enigmatic Major and Minor scales, Neapolitan major and mimor and many other really useful scales and their usage.

Book #2: Diatonic Voice Leading Techniques
How many times did you find yourself trying to play amazing chord progression moving smoothly one chord after another as professional jazz guitar players do? How many times did you like to be able to reharmonize a progression extending or changing chords to get a more personal sound? If you’re interested in learning amazing diatonic chord progression, extending you chord vocabulary including advanced jazz chords then this book is for you. Diatonic Voice Leading Techniques is organized to allows you to concentrate only in playing. No specific knowledge is needed to use this material: only you and your guitar. You’ll be introduced in complex diatonic progression by examples and you’ll acquire the ability to move smoothly from one chord to another. Using this book you’ll be naturally get skill on advanced harmony techniques as extended and altered chords, complex progressions, comping, chord melody, chordal improvisation. This book will enable you to gradually start playing like professional jazz players do.

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