The Jewel of Liberation by Jack Kornfield

The Jewel of Liberation: Essential Teachings on the End of Suffering by Jack Kornfield
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Overview: It is possible to find genuine happiness and liberation in the ups and downs of your own human life. We can all sense how it is possible for our own capacity for greater compassion and freedom to grow. “If this were not possible,” said the Buddha, “I would not ask you to do so.”
For four decades, Buddhist meditation teacher Jack Kornfield has shared practical instructions for awakening the wise and compassionate heart in the midst of all we experience. The Jewel of Liberation presents 10 pinnacle dharma talks (teaching sessions) hand-selected by Jack from his personal collection to illuminate the pathways out of suffering and into the natural freedom that is both our shared birthright and our greatest gift to the world.
Reclaim the Seat of Dignity, Compassion, and Lovingkindness
Meditation is the practice of awakening itself; it is the fundamental tool the Buddha offered to quiet the mind and open the heart. We begin our retreat with an examination of the art of meditation and how it empowers us to see things clearly and be gracious with the flow of this ever-changing life.
The Jewel of Liberation continues with guidance in managing our troubles, the “weeds” that arise even as we cultivate the seeds of abiding happiness. Our retreat culminates with an inquiry into the “laws of life,” the understandings we must have if we are to experience freedom independent of our circumstances.
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