The Korean Mind: Understanding Contemporary Korean Culture

The Korean Mind: Understanding Contemporary Korean Culture
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Date: 2018-04-24
ISBN-10: 0804848157
ISBN-13: 9780804848152
Language: English
Pages: 384
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Understanding a people and their culture through code words and language.
Today, South Korea is an economic, technological and entertainment superpower. How, as a country, did they rebound from war, poverty and political unrest? And how can that success be replicated in other cultures? The answers can, in fact, be found by understanding Korean customs, values and beliefs. Author Boye Lafayette De Mente identifies the unique qualities that comprise the Korean identity and articulates their modern expressions of Korean culture and history in this book.
Organized alphabetically by topic, De Mente explains the critical cultural code words that make Korea the country it is today. Anyone interested in Korean etiquette, whether for travel or work, will discover that their meanings extend far beyond superficial English translations to deeper interpretations.
Cultural code words include:

    [*]Aboji, Ah-boh-jee – The “Father Culture”
    [*]Anae, Ah-negh – Wives: The Inside People
    [*]Han Yak, Hahn Yahk – The Herbal Way to Health
    [*]Innae, Een-nay – A Culture of Enduring
    [*]Katun Sosuy Pap, Kaht-unn Soh-suut Pahp – Eating from the Same Rice Bowl
    [*]And over 200 more.

This in-depth discussion covers the concepts and principles that are integral to the Korean way of life and provides all the Korean history and insight necessary for those readers eager to learn the secrets of this resilient and burgeoning, yet little-understood nation. Show more Show less c6e568b3652cdaa86827f370673dae97 Size: (5.63 MB) File name: The Korean Mind Understanding Contemporary Korean Culture.epub File size: 5.63 MB 83f76c40cb4f6f7dc9b16cd9cb216ccd File name: The.Korean.Mind.Boye.Lafayette.De.Mente.epub