The Last Amazon Course – Starting & Scaling An Fba Business

The Last Amazon Course – Starting & Scaling An Fba Business
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What you’ll learn

Proven and tested ways to launch, Sell and Grow Private Label Products on Amazon FBA in 10+ Amazon Millionaires ??
?? 200+ Videos! | Over 30+ Hours Of Content! ??
????? 8,000 Students Taught
Proven Strategies to find Profitable Product ideas in markets with low competition and high demand!
? The Exact Criteria 7 figure sellers use to validate your product idea and
?? SOURCING – Where to find the Best Manufacturers, How to Talk to them
?? NEGOTIATING – How to get the Best Price and Best Quality Product From Manufacturers
?? SHIPPING – How to properly Label and Ship your Products to the Amazon FBA warehouses
?? PITFALLS – Avoid common mistakes new sellers make!
??LISTING – Understand how to create the ‘Perfect’ Listing on from an Amazon SEO expert who has worked on over 1,000 Products
?? PRODUCT LAUNCH – Rank your product at the top of the Amazon search for your desired keywords (And how to make sure it stays at the top!)
? REVIEWS – How to gather positive reviews to create trust
Strategies to eliminate the risk of failing your product & how to get back your initial investment in any case! Start over!
Create a highly converting Amazon Listing that makes people want to buy your product instead of the competitors
Calculate exactly how much capital you need for your product idea in order to compete in your market
Save money & get added security by choosing the right payment options
Build your own brand – Gain a competitive edge and sell at premium prices
Defend your Amazon Listing from Hijackers – Getting your own Trademark & Licenses
Understand fundamental business frameworks for long-term success
Scale & diversify your business. Add more products and increase revenue fast and strategically


Students do not need any prior knowledge to complete this course!



** After Successfully Teaching 30,000+ students How To Sell On Amazon on YouTube, Brock Johnson has decided to bring The Last Amazon FBA Course to Udemy! **

** Last updated April 2019 **This course is continually kept up-to-date. Last update April 2019

** Exclusive Deals! ($1000+ value)** – With this course, you will gain access to exclusive deals we negotiated with the best tools & services for your Amazon business. We�ll help you save thousands of dollars over the course of your Amazon FBA career!

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about How To Sell On Amazon�. from Finding, Sourcing and Selling your First Product to Scaling to 6 & 7 Figures

This course covers all of the important topics that I have applied to Start my Business and Sell Over $8,000,000 on Amazon.

This course is taught by Experienced Amazon Seller Brock Johnson
** Brock’s Experience **

12 years of E-commerce experience

Selling on Amazon since 2014

Sold more than 1,000 different products

Has consulted for 7 and 8 figure brands

The contents of this course are all based on my work experience selling over 1,000 products on amazon

Think of this course as "The Encyclopedia of Amazon FBA�.

Course Breakdown:
There are 9 core concepts that I will discuss when you’re going through this course.

Introduction: Overview of the Opportunity & a behind the scenes look at why I made this course!

Product Research:
I show Exactly how to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon. With over 70+ videos, I dive deep into the multiple strategies on finding the right products to sell & how to evaluate your product ideas for their chances of success!

Sourcing Your Product: Do you think saving $020 on your product will make you more money? You are wrong! It will most likely result in lots of trouble and failing your investment! Let me show you several ways on how to properly source your product, how to recognize the highest quality, the right price, and other sourcing strategies to be an effective seller.

Shipping: You’ll learn how to create an efficient shipping plan from A to Z, as well as important information involving how to handle your products

Listing Your Product: You have a good product? That�s not enough. In this section, you’ll discover the best way to create a highly converting product listings, how to find the best keyword for your products, and the mindset behind winning products.

Launching Your Product: I will teach how to run effective PPC (paid advertising) for your products, how to get your first reviews, as well as go over important tactics vital to your business. All without using questionable techniques often taught by other courses!

Brand: In this section, you’ll learn the best way to protect your brand as a seller, and how to have long-term success in your niche. (Advanced)

Payments and Protection: In this section, you’ll learn how to save on currency transfer rates & directly increase your profits, how to protect yourself and your business, and tax saving methods.

Defense and Maintenance: Learn the various scenarios that may happen to you as a seller, how to remove hijackers legitimately, and how to approach unavoidable situations.

In this course, I am not just teaching you the step by step guide how to succeed on Amazon, but I also teach fundamental frameworks, which are applicable across most e-commerce businesses. This enables you to think for yourself & not just follow a guide, which sets you up for success in the long term!

This course is updated frequently & will take into account any major changes on Amazon. You will have access to these updates for free after purchasing the course

However, nobody knows everything! That�s why I am interviewing multiple experts from different fields in this course, providing you with incredibly valuable insights!


Customer Testimonials:

?????" Hey Brock – All because of you, I was able to successfully launch a product and now I make 10 sales per day. You allowed me to invest in my business by giving me all the tools for success at an affordable rate!"

?????�Hey Brock, I wanted to personally thank you for the course you have gifted to the world. I�ve been moving through my journey of succeeding with FBA only to pass through so many of the �mastermind� programs convincing myself that I would teach myself. Tonight as I was looking for Chinese agent services I came across your name on helium10 and searched you up leading to the course you created. Don�t have enough words to thank you for offering me this guidance without making a $1000 commitment to join a group! With hard work and commitment, a new future awaits!�

?????�Hey Brock, I finally launched my FBA product and have had great success . I couldn�t have done it without your course. Thank you!??�


Why is it called The Last Amazon Course?

I created this course with the intention of making it virtually accessible to anyone wanting to learn how to sell on Amazon.

Students of this course will learn literally EVERYTHING there is to know about How To Sell On Amazon and should never have to take another Amazon course again. Hence "The Last Amazon Course".

Yes, that is a bold statement and I’m THAT confident in your results.

If you have the confidence, tenacity, and risk tolerance to jump into selling your own products, there is no doubt you will achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Learning the most important topics used by the top Amazon Sellers in the world.

Who this course is for:

Beginner – You want to explore if Amazon FBA might be the right business model for you to get started
Intermediate – You already know the Amazon fundamentals, don’t feel comfortable to get started yet or you launched a product but it did not sell.
Advanced – You want to increase your profits or want to be better than your competition and want to learn those strategies that allowed me to 500x my investment in 180 days


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