The Last Trials of Clarence Darrow by Donald McRae +

The Last Trials of Clarence Darrow by Donald McRae
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Overview: Courtrooms have been dramatic settings for larger-than-life figures throughout history, but few have attained the almost mythical status of Clarence Darrow. A legend in his own time, Variety called him "America’s greatest one-man stage draw." Here was a man whose flair for showmanship went hand in hand with a fierce intellect; a man whose shaky moral compass & staggering conceit collided at all turns with an unrivaled eloquence & humanism. Darrow had been one of the most revered lawyers in the country, but in 1924 his reputation was still clouded after a narrow escape from a charge of jury tampering in LA. Aged 67 he thought his life & career were almost over, until he was offered an impossible assignment: the defense of the teenage "thrill killers" Nathan Leopold & Richard Loeb. He then went on to earn even more international acclaim in two other groundbreaking cases: a classic standoff against Wm Jennings Bryan in the Tennessee Scopes Monkey Trial & the Ossian Sweet murder trial in Detroit. Throughout two crammed years, this lion of the court held the Western world in awe as he tackled these three starkly different, history-making cases, each in turn dubbed "the Trial of the Century." But these trials, important as they were, were not the only events that helped rejuvenate him & seal his courtroom legacy. There was also his enduring relationship with Mary Field Parton, his soulmate, a woman whose role toward the end of his career was larger than many have realized. With new research, including her private journals & letters, The Last Trials of Clarence Darrow is an intimate depiction of this American icon, one of the greatest lawyers the country has ever seen.
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