The Lean Recruiting Toolkit Strategic Hiring Framework

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What you’ll learn
You will learn how to hire better candidates faster, who will stay longer and contribute more.
You will learn the about Lean Recruiting Process, how to make your own plan, and then implement it.
You will learn how to identify both Obstructive Catalysts™ and Latent Catalysts™, and then act upon them.
You will learn how to use the Lean Recruiting Canvas – free download.
Receive a free copy of my book, ‘The Lean Recruiting Toolkit’ (Amazon) as a reference guide.
You will be able to demonstrate to, and get increased buy-in from, Hiring Managers on requirements and processes.
Based on the role at hand, you will decide where your candidate will be most likely found; Active, Passive or Hybrid™ sources.
You will learn to accurately define the real commercial justification for the hire.
You will learn how to clearly evaluate what type of hire you need (PT, FT,contractor etc).
You will learn how to decide what key 3 or 4 traits / skills are required of your new hire, while omitting the fluff.
You will learn how to define what makes your company unique in the marketplace, giving top candidates the confidence to apply to your company.
You will learn to elicit, and then highlight, what is appealing about your role to top candidates.
Based on your Ideal Candidate description, you will learn how to define a Recruiting Process unique to this role.
You will learn how to define a Key Metrics process, and implement it ensuring we measure what we do.
Tying everything back to the business, you will learn how to calculate Cost Structure (free calculator download), Value Added and Return-on-Investment.
You will learn how to create effective Job Ads, as opposed to Job Descriptions.
You will learn how to effectively communicate with, and get sign-off from, the Hiring Manager.
You will learn how to conduct effective screening calls every time.
You will learn how to reject candidates professionally, without damaging your brand.
You will learn how to implement Agile techniques to change directions, when new information comes to light.

2+ Years of talent acquisition experience OR have completed my ‘Recruiter Training – Hire Top Employees in 30 Days’ course.
Laptop or desktop computer.
Internet connection.
A genuine desire to learn new talent acquisition strategies.
‘I like the way the course is set up – so far so good. The instructor seems to be adept at explaining concepts simply, yet effectively. I thought the free book download was a nice touch.’ ~ R Prendergast

Are you tired of having that “perfect” job candidate slip away between your fingers? Are you frustrated with ever-changing hiring requirements? Are you discouraged by the lack of qualified talent in the marketplace?

The Lean Recruiting Toolkit eLearning course provides simple solutions to these and other challenges facing talent acquisition professionals in today’s hyper-competitive, candidate-driven marketplace. It is a practical, step-by-step guide to creating and executing your very own Lean and Agile recruiting strategies to ensure you hire better employees faster — who end up staying longer. What’s more, using the Kaizen theory of continuous improvement, your results get better and better over time, freeing up your schedule to do the rest of your job!

Using the Lean Recruiting Canvas created by recruiting expert Craig E Brown, you will be carefully guided through this strategic framework in a methodical, yet efficient, fashion. Whether it is.

· Accurately defining the core problem that led management to believe that hiring someone is necessary,

· Deciding which characteristics and traits are necessary for a specific role based on proof points,

· or analyzing the Return-on-Investment (ROI) of your new hire to ensure business requirements are met or exceeded.

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Why Our Course Is Successful

· Real content from top, proven, successful recruiters

· Video updates (you own this course for life)

· Cuts time-to-hire significantly, while drastically improving on quality

· We share with you recruiting secrets that most headhunters keep secret

About You

You are looking to improve your recruiting strategies to find better talent faster than ever before. Perhaps you are looking for software developers, maybe finance professionals, maybe technical sales people. No matter the vertical, we can help.

You are in internal talent acquisition professional with at least two years experience, You are familiar with all of the main components of the recruitment function, such as interviewing, writing job ads, communication with both Hiring Managers and candidates and conducting Boolean search.

About Me

I have over almost two decades of experience in recruiting, interviewing, assessing and hiring top job candidates. I have successfully recruited and hired employees in a number of professions in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Japan. I have spent a great deal of time working on how to (a) improve results while at the same time (b) shortening the length of the recruitment process. I have now turned this into a formal, repeatable system for you.

I am also the author of the Lean Recruiting Toolkit (amazon), which has been read by top Talent Acquisition professionals around the world.

Also, I have verifiable testimonials from real clients on my LinkedIn profile – a rarity in my industry. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, trying craft beers, playing guitar poorly yet enthusiastically, and walking my dog, Bob.

It’s time to take Action!

We have designed this course so that you can take action. The course is broken down into bite sized videos, with practical action points for each one. You can then go back to each video at a later date to review – you own this course for life!

This course is designed for everyone with more than two years experience.

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Our method is simple, repeatable and broken down into manageable steps. This is a project-based course that will help you look good by making great hires quickly.

*Note: This is not a course on recruiting ‘hacks’ or other hiring shortcuts or tricks – these never work in the long term. This is a step-by-step course on how to create, execute and then improve upon your very own Lean Recruiting Strategies.

What We Cover

· How to create a lean recruiting plan using the Lean Recruiting Canvas. The Canvas consist of 10 sections for consideration when making your plan.

· How to effectively communicate with Hiring Managers and candidates throughout the process.

· How to write effective Job Ads, as opposed to Job Descriptions.

· How to professionally break up with unsuccessful candidates

· How to recognize, and act upon, both Latent and Obstructive Catalysts™

What You Get

· An instructor who really wants you to succeed and is here to answer your questions.

· A complete and thorough step-by-step guide on creating and executing your Lean Recruiting Strategy

What You’ll Need

· Internet access

· A laptop, tablet or computer

· A drive to learn new ways to recruit and hire

We believe in our course because the steps we have developed have made us extremely successful in the recruitment field. Just be willing to follow the steps, and follow it through to the end, and you will be successful in creating your very own Lean Recruiting Strategies.

In fact, we are so confident you will find this course to be useful, that we offer a full 30-day, no-questions-asked refund guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose!

What are you waiting for? Enroll with us today!

Who this course is for:
Intermediate or Senior talent acquisition specialists. (Junior or new TA people to complete my ‘Recruiter Training – Hire Top Employees in 30 Days’ course first)
HR Pros who are interested in having a framework for applying Lean / Agile / Kaizen principles to the TA function.
All size employers from any industry vertical. Also all types of employers, including private sector, non-profit and charity.
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