The Life She Stole by S.W. Vaughn

The Life She Stole by S.W. Vaughn
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 283 KB

I know what you did. Murderer.
When single mother Celine Bauman gets the anonymous text, she knows exactly what it means. Years ago in college, she made a horrible mistake that led to a death on campus. She never told a soul what happened. But somebody knows, and they’re going to make her pay.
Unfortunately, she has no idea who it is.
Now her old college friends are dying, and the threatening texts keep coming as everything falls apart around her. Celine’s ex-boyfriend, who’s been out of her life since before her daughter was born, returns in a shocking way – and she’s kept secrets from him, too.
Secrets she may be forced to tell, if she wants her daughter to live.

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