The Little Big Cookbook for Moms: 150 of the Best Family Recipes

The Little Big Cookbook for Moms: 150 of the Best Family Recipes
Publisher: Welcome Books
Date: 2012-03-27
ISBN-10: 1599621096
ISBN-13: 9781599621098
Language: English
Pages: 352
Added: 2013-10-06 01:20:13

The Little Big Cookbook for Moms contains 150 of the best recipes for families with children of all ages. From first meals for little ones and favorites for picky palates, to more interesting fare to introduce to children, the recipes are selected with all the things moms need to consider in mind. While most meals can be simple, get-it-done affairs, moms need to think about what’s healthy and doable, as well as continue to educate young and developing tastes.

The Little Big Cookbook for Moms contains lists of what always to keep in the freezer, pantry, and refrigerator. A selection of recipes will use these on-hand ingredients so Mom can whip up dinner on those nights when no thinking is required. These are the standards every mom will turn to with a minimum of fuss. Home-made chicken nuggets or turkey meatloaf, a jarred pasta sauce with freshly pureed vegetables, or a quick bean salad-these are but a few staples to rely on. For those days when Mom wants to do just a little more, there are a selection of great slow-cooker and easy-to-jazz-up recipes. And for the weekends when Mom wants try introducing new things, there are favorites from around the world: a rice noodle soup with favorite toppings, tacos with all the fixings, or even a non-spicy chicken tikka masala.

Weekends are also the time for moms to get a head start on the busy week ahead. The book includes recipes to make and freeze over the weekend, from chicken pot pies to salmon patties. There are also menus in the back of the book for four different weeks’ worth of dinners, complete with a link to the shopping lists available online.

Truly the ultimate cookbook for families, The Little Big Cookbook for Moms has the best of everything for every type of chef a mom has to be! It offers the favorites and classics, the easy and convenient, the interesting and fun, and is the cookbook moms will use for many years as their little ones grow.

The Little Big Cookbook for Moms is divided into Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks, Dinner, Vegetables & Sides, and Desserts. Within these categories you will find a range of recipe types, including: First Foods; Toddler Favorites; Finger Foods; Tried-and-Trues; The Essentials; For the Freezer; From the Pantry; Slow-Cooking; One-Pot Meals; Jazz it Up; and Around the World. There is also a section for families with food sensitivities, which includes lists of gluten- and dairy- free recipes in the book, as well as resources and tips. Show more Show less 71df878832adbaef44f309d6b45a72d4] Size: (104.90 MB) [/code]584bf0bc22fd3148a8c2fe9e1e983925] Bad link [/code]File name: 1599621096(COpdf).part1.rar File size: 104.90 MB b9cc6d919b0b3a6162fdf8772c00bff1] Size: (24.18 MB) [/code]93eed4e0e5fd0d3167a7def643d7a0a0] Bad link [/code]File name: 1599621096(COpdf).part2.rar File size: 24.18 MB