The Logic of English Prepositions by J. Daniel Moore

The Logic of English Prepositions by J. Daniel Moore
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Overview: "I hate grammar! Why are English prepositions so difficult?"
"I don’t know why we say it that way. That’s just how we speak."
"There’s no logic to prepositions. You just have to memorize them."
Here’s a secret for you: English prepositions are logical.
Why your English Teacher was Wrong
Imagine a farm that grows a lot of different plants. On the surface, you see all the leaves and branches. These leaves and branches are the different dictionary definitions that seem to be disconnected and random. These “surface meanings” are what native speakers are aware of. However,underground we find the root of each plant. The root is the logic that all the dictionary definitions are based on. This underground level is part of the subconscious mind, so native speakers aren’t consciously aware of it. This book teaches you the hidden, logical relationships that give prepositions their meaning.
What’s in this Book?
This book contains seventeen of the most common and confusing prepositions in the English language. Each preposition has its own chapter that’s divided into sections that guide you through the process and help you learn more easily and more effectively. The sections are: A) Example Sentences (there are over 450 examples); B) The Logic, which includes the key idea(s), an explanation, and etymology notes; C) Detailed explanations of how the logic works in the example sentences from section A; D) Verbs that often use each preposition; E) Phrasal verbs; and F) Idioms. At the end of the book are a few maps of the logical relationships.
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